Water Testing, Public Water Supply Print


Siouxland District Health Department is certified by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources for the following analytes and methods:

Drinking Water:

Total coliform bacteria: SM 9222B, COLISURE-PA, Colilert-18

Fecal coliform: SM 9221 E

E. coli: COLISURE-PA, Colilert-18

Fluoride: SM 4500F-C (ISE)

Nitrate (as N): SM 4500NO3-E

Nitrite: SM 4500NO2-B



Fecal coliform: SM 9222D, Colilert-18QTFC

E. coli: Colilert-18QT


The appropriate form can be downloaded in the Forms section of this website along with collection instructions. 

Please contact the laboratory at 712-234-3908 or 1-800-587-3005 to make arrangements to obtain the proper collection containers.