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Arsenic PDF Print E-mail

Arsenic is an odorles and tasteless metal that is naturally distributed in the earth's crust. It occurs naturally, but may be also a result of mining and industrial uses of arsenic. Some forms of arsenic can be found in fish and shell fish.

Arsenic can enter water sources through the ground from natural sources, agricultural, and industrial activities.  It can also runoff into surface water sources.

Exposure to arsenic can cause both short and long term health effects.  Studies have shown that chornic or repeated ingestion of water containing arsenic during a person's lifetime is associated with increased risk of cancer (of the skin, bladder, lungs, kindneys, nasal passages, liver or prostrate) and non-cancerous effects such as diabetes and cardiovascular disorders.  Prenatal and early childhood exposure can increase lung cancer risk later in life.  Arsenic exposure has also been linked to lower IQ scores in school age kids and affect learning.

While livestock and poultry can tolerate much higher levels of arsenic than humans, household pets should generally be drinking water that conforms to the same standards as humans.

Siouxland District Health Department began offering arsenic testing through the Grants to Counties project in late 2015 after studies in Iowa indicated that arsenic is present in the groundwater of many areas of Iowa.

SDHD obtains special bottles from the State Hygienic Laboratory and collects arsenic samples from private well owners for free.

We call individuals that have arsenic levels that exceed safe limits and discuss treatment options with the home owners.  Additionally, arsenic speciation testing is done on wells with elevated total arsenic level to gather data that can be used in future efforts to educate people about arsenic in their drinking water.

Please call Siouxland District Health at 712-234-3908 or 1-800-587-3005 for questions about testing your water for arsenic.

For more information, click here: US EPA: Arsenic in Drinking Water

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